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Get Your Spark Back: How to Find Happiness and Reignite Your Life

Get Your Spark Back: How to Find Happiness and Reignite Your Life

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There is a fire within you. In her newest book, author and influencer Rachel Marie Martin shares deeply personal stories and hard-won wisdom to inspire readers to spark their soul’s fire and live a life of happiness.

Over the last ten years of writing for her blog, Finding Joy, thousands of readers have asked Rachel, “How do I get my spark back?” In Get Your Spark Back, she answers this question, helping readers lean into and invest in their own stories. Throughout the years, readers have watched as Rachel navigated a divorce, fixed her finances, started a seven-figure business, dealt with estrangement, moved cross-country and remarried. During that time, there came a day when she wondered, “Who am I now? What’s my spark?”  

She set out on a journey to not only rediscover her spark, but also to share the process of self-investment with others. Through personal stories and practical action steps, Rachel not only teaches you how to find and reignite your spark but also how to fan those flames to live a vibrant, happy, and fulfilled life. 

In Get Your Spark Back, Rachel Marie Martin empowers readers to:

  • Identify and reframe self-imposed limitations
  • Embrace uncomfortable thinking and master the art of wondering
  • Discover what truly sets your soul on fire
  • Reframe your relationship with money.
  • Lean into possibilities and set audacious goals
  • Reframe time and create consistent habits
  • Create a soul map
  • Live a life of joy and purpose

For anyone who has ever felt uninspired and lost or is wondering “What’s next?”, Get Your Spark Back is a transformative and motivational guide to reigniting your inner fire and living with deep happiness, intention, and an all out zest for life.


RACHEL MARIE MARTIN is an author, influencer, and speaker who believes in the power of the human spirit to overcome, to thrive, and to find deep joy. Her site reaches millions of visitors each month and she boasts over a million followers on social media. She authored The Brave Art of Motherhood and is a founding partner in Audience Industries – a company designed to train and equip entrepreneurs in their ventures. Her second book, Mom Enough, won the silver IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award in the parenting and family category.

With articles translated into over 25 languages, Rachel’s content has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Today Show, Inc. Magazine, PopSugar, Motherly, Parents, and many more. Her letter “Why Being a Mom is Enough” has been shared over 2.1 million times online. She speaks worldwide encouraging moms and entrepreneurs to live each day with purpose and drive. Rachel is a mom to seven and lives with her husband in Nashville, TN. Get Your Spark Back is her third book.


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