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Thirties: The Album in Portrait and Prose

Thirties: The Album in Portrait and Prose

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The stories of a woman often go untold. Her struggles are kept as secrets. Her victories, discreet. Her pain, polite and unobtrusive. History records the ones who break her heart and the ones who mend it, yet it forgets the life and truth born in between. In Thirties: The Album in Portrait and Prose, acclaimed singer-songwriter Jill Andrews gives these unsung moments the voice and vision her music has always wanted.

Tenderly, hauntingly, and without fear, the thirteen sections in Thirties chronicle Andrews's journey through a decade rife with both beauty and brutality. Each song-inspired vignette is further enlivened by thoughtfully curated photos, revealing experiences that are at once both universal and intimate. Andrews explores the isolation and the joy of motherhood, the loss of a lover and partner, and the experience of growing older in a world that expects you to stay young forever. Thirties resists contemplating the big, loud questions of the world, and rather, invites readers to find rest in knowing and loving themselves.

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